Stay Focused Empire was formed in 2004 by Johnny Taylor (aka J. Rich) and his brother, Jason Mathis, along with his cousin, Maurice Boxley. Stay Focused Empire stands by loyalty and respect, citing “Feed the fans” and “It’s more than a Label, it’s a Lifestyle” as their favorite business slogans.

The company released their first project, 1 Movement, in 2005, with a group called Committee Click. The entire project was produced by DJ Daryl, who produced Tupac Shakur’s hit single, “Keep Ya Head Up” on album Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. He went on to produce countless other songs for Tupac, and has produced for Master P and many others, earning him several Top 10 and Top 40 Billboard hit singles and albums.

Taylor was left to hold down the ship on his own after both his brother and cousin were caught up with the law on unrelated charges. He quickly formed a new team to represent the empire, pulling in two of his closest friends and most trusted comrades, 2wiceberg and Spyda D. In 2006, Stay Focused Empire released Cut Master C mixtape titled Destination Dynasty. Cut Master C is a Queensbridge native who’s probably most famous for two things: introducing the world to 50 Cent; and dropping mad exclusives on his tapes, including freestyles from Puff daddy, Notorious BIG, Lil’ Kim, Mase, The Lox, Nas, Mobb Deep, and many others.

Taylor then ventured off to release a slew of his own projects, including Da Rich Get Richa hosted by Westcoast DJ Warrior in 2008, History In Da Makin in 2009, Independently Major 1 hosted by Miami DJ EFX (@iamhenao) in 2010, and Independently Major 2 hosted by the illustrious DJ Drama in 2011.

Taylor welcomed his cousin Maurice Boxley back after a seven year bid, signing both him and well-respected West Coast rapper Taj-He-Spitz to the Stay Focused Empire.

Stay Focused Empire aims to soon launch a charity group, called WeMadeUs, who’s vision is to help poverty stricken youth by awarding Scholarships and offering Afterschool programs centered around music. Additionally, they are working towards starting a clothing line which will donate a generous amount of its proceeds to incarcerated ‘brothers’ around the U.S. who don’t have families to support them. Stay Focused Empire CEO Johnny Taylor has plans to pen an autobiography about his life, in hopes it will encourage, uplight and guide less unfortunate youth who are currently facing similar circumstances as he did growing up. The empire also aspires to launch events of all varieties, including rap, comedy, pop and R&B that will bring different communities together to celebrate the spirit of music.