An explorer and creator from an early  age he was born into a long line of storytellers with growing up in poverty, Neilion used music as an outlet. His father was an “OG” aka original  gangster growing up coming out of San Francisco  Hunters point, one of many well known areas for the lower class urban culture  in SF. His mother was a lifelong nurse  creating passion  and stability  for  Neilion and two siblings while trying  to survive by making ends meets. With a very strong  dose of genetic medicine, structure, and strict rules  of the house. Neil learned how to adapt in differnt situations with  manners  and respect for  others.

As a youngster he was  captivated  by the mysteries behind the haunting walls  of most of the notorius San Francisco  housing project, North  Beach  being  the first he lived in. The first  face ever broadcasted  or known and idolized were some of the older people in the neighborhood  that he looked up to.

Being from the West Coast Cali he already had taken to the likes of Rappers 2pac shakur E40 Rbl posse San quinn Jt the bigga figga Oaklands own Too short Mac Dre and many others. With such a powerhouse line up he was influenced  by the way  these artist represented  were they were from and what they rapped about. Though these were just a few superstars that had made a big impact on the west coast music seen,Neilion also kept  his ear open to other artist as well . Artist such as Nas jay Z Nortorious BIG and several other Eastcoast artist as well.

At the tender age of 8 Neil began  writing  short stories and poems  for school . By the age of 10 he already  went through enough in the projects seeing  everything  with  his own eyes making the harsh reality into poetry, seeing a unique perspective of the world and his place  in it.

For a long time Neilion  would dread being asked “where you from” ” what do you do” “who are  you” “what are you about “. Not wanting to be put in a box Neil later would  reply  I  am a citizen  of the world. Social media now  makes  it possible  to live globally connected, being  able  to narrate life in new and excitng ways.

Through  his company  and label mates stay focused empire, and baysic gang records, Neilion creates, narrates, using film and social  media to build  bridges. With stories that educate, inspire, and  enlighten people of the community. With lyrics  that may even go back into music   history , hip hop and hard core  rap. Neilion’s work connects documentaries, filmaking, social media,and Raw lyrical storytelling  transformations.